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I am very passionate and full of all kinds of emotions. I like to express myself through my poetry and hopefully someone can connect and identify with my poems. My poetry comes from the heart.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Heart-Art: Disease

Heart-Art: Disease: You’re a disease I carry in my heart. You feed on my flesh. Deteriorate my soul. You leave me empty inside. A hollow being. You leave me ho...

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Heart-Art & Blue Pear

Worst Enemy

You look me in the eyes
And the lies come spilling out

 You rub salt into my wounds
The wounds you’ve created

You punish me for your mistakes
You cut my nose to spite your face

I am my own worst enemy.

A Mothers Love

Some day God will send
you down from heaven.
He’ll lend me one of his own angels,
to for full my only dream.

You’ll be my salvation.
You’ll steal my whole heart,
and heal it with your soft touch.

There is no love
like a mothers love.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

You took everything

I am the little lamb.
You are the lustful lion.

You concurred my body.
I will never be free from you.

You invaded my mind.
I will never forget your name.

You gave me scars.
They will never heal.

You wrecked my dreams.
I will never sleep again.

You covered my soul with your dirt.
I can never be cleansed.

You injected me with your poison.
I will never live again.

You used your strength.
Against my own will.

You took everything.

Friday, 5 August 2011

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When you're with her

We’re sitting here,
watching the sun disappear.
All I can hear,
your sweet voice…
Whispering in my ear.

Your cool breath,
blowing trough my hair.
You tell me you’re in love.
But I don’t think this is fair.

You only love me
when you’re alone.
Never thinking of me
when you’re with her.

You’re quick to call
every time you fall.
Then I hear
your sweet voice…
But you don’t love me at all.

Your warm touch,
running trough my hair.
You tell me you’re in love.
But I don’t think this is fair.

You only need me
when you’re alone.
Never wanting me
when you’re with her.

She doesn’t love you,
like I do.
Still I’m your second choice.
She doesn’t need you,
like I do.
Still, you’re with her.

I’ll end this here.
Before all the beauty disappears.
I never want to hear,
your sweet voice…
Burning my ear.

My Friends

Sitting on the floor
Counting them one by one
At first it was harmless fun
Now it’s a necessity

Way back they used to be my friends
Now they own my life

Taking my pain
Taking my soul
Taking my self-respect
Giving me hope

They are addictive
But somehow I managed them
This time I won’t be so lucky
I never am

Scared to let them go
Scared of being alone
Scared of living this life
Scared of dying like this

They never loved me
They never cared
They’re dead
They’re deadly

I am all alone

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Loved One

Words fall short
My heart goes numb
I’m stung by your beauty
Paralysed by your gaze

This hands of a gentlemen
Knows the way around a woman
Your scent muscular and strong
Yet it falls gentle on my lips

My body trembles against your skin
Soaks up the warmth you give
My eyes can’t believe
Here with me – a perfect creature

I’ll sacrifice everything
To feel this way forever
Addicted to your voice
Falling unconscious at your smile

Unaware of the power you hold
You play with this innocent heart
Everyday without you seems like torture
Ripping my soul apart

Still I carry you in my dreams
Every night we meet again
In this life you loved me
The same way I loved you.

Seven Deadly Sins

Black heart
Blue eyes
Lips sweet and poisonous

Sharp tongue
Bitter mouth
Head strong but mad

Envy and lust spilling over
Creeping into every corner
Consuming all pure thoughts

Body breathing
Soul died
Giving up on all that was denied

Anger burning
Roaring rage
Pride bursting out my rib cage 

Call me greedy
I want all of you
Devoured by my gluttony

Lazy me
Leaves God’s gifts unused
Reluctant to make an effort

Sins destroy charity in mans heart
I lead to eternal death
I am sinfully me

Monday, 1 August 2011


Body breaking

Falling fast
Sinking slow
Losing self control

Spit dripping
Feet limping

Stripping to breath

Hold me my rocking chair
Put your arms
around my aching chest