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I am very passionate and full of all kinds of emotions. I like to express myself through my poetry and hopefully someone can connect and identify with my poems. My poetry comes from the heart.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Loved One

Words fall short
My heart goes numb
I’m stung by your beauty
Paralysed by your gaze

This hands of a gentlemen
Knows the way around a woman
Your scent muscular and strong
Yet it falls gentle on my lips

My body trembles against your skin
Soaks up the warmth you give
My eyes can’t believe
Here with me – a perfect creature

I’ll sacrifice everything
To feel this way forever
Addicted to your voice
Falling unconscious at your smile

Unaware of the power you hold
You play with this innocent heart
Everyday without you seems like torture
Ripping my soul apart

Still I carry you in my dreams
Every night we meet again
In this life you loved me
The same way I loved you.

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