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I am very passionate and full of all kinds of emotions. I like to express myself through my poetry and hopefully someone can connect and identify with my poems. My poetry comes from the heart.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sexual Bonds

Satan strapped me to a stained bed.
Black from all the dried blood.
My sexual sins keep me captive.
My foolishness lured me here.
He laughs as his demons taunt me.
I cry myself to sleep.
The chains on my hands and feet
cuts trough my flesh like a razor.
The fire burning beside the bed
triggers my body to sweat acid.
The power of darkness is too great to overcome.
I am only a human being.

Hosea four verses six warned me:
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”
Still, I was enticed on my road to hell.
The recklessness of all my actions,
flickers like a movie before my eyes.
All my ungodly soul ties with former lovers,
haunts me every day of my miserable life.
Lust on the other hand, keeps me begging for more.

God is acquainted with my sexual binds.
Patiently He waits for my return.
However I am stuck in this hell.
And I see no escape.
Until one day an angel appeared.
He gave me the key to deliverance.

I renounce all sins of adultery, perversion, fornication,
lust, harlotry, illegitimacy and pornography in the
Holy Name of Jesus!

I am crucified  with   Christ.
I  do  not  let  sin  reign  my  body.

I   will   not   obey   its   lust.

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