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I am very passionate and full of all kinds of emotions. I like to express myself through my poetry and hopefully someone can connect and identify with my poems. My poetry comes from the heart.

Friday, 22 July 2011

A Lovers Letter

You’re soft on the eyes,
and on my lips.
One touch of your hands,
my life begins again.

Any other old day,
I would have walked away.
But I have waited
my whole life for you.

I tried to fix myself,
I wasn’t broken.
All I needed was
a helping hand.

I thought my wounds
would never heal.
You have saved me.

I couldn’t breath
because I was lost.
You have found me.

I feel safe.
I feel warm.
I feel loved
when I’m with you.

I feel tender.
I feel beautiful.
I feel complete
when I make love to you.

The time is right.
We both have suffered enough.
Now we can be together.
Leave the past behind.

When our eyes meet in
a passionate time,
it’s in your eyes that
I see that you’re mine.

Your heartbeat is my calling.
It keeps me alive.
We belong together.
We belong forever.

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